Central: Then vs. now

Nicolas Guadagnino, Managing Editor

As we roll into this next decade, let’s look at what changes and significant events took place in Central between 2010-2020. 

In 2011, One of Central York’s biggest crowds fit into Panther Stadium. When you think about a crowded panther stadium, you might be having memory of spending time with your friends and your family watching the football game. Well on that night something special was happening. Penn State’s Blue Band came and played their band show in front of the Central community. 

Technology over this decade has improved immensely in our school during the decade. In 2013, Central York High School students were able to have their own device. Each student was given an iPad. Now all students have MacBooks. Ever since then, technology has played a significant factor in the way we learn at school. 

There are mixed feelings about technology at our high school. Some students learn better in a traditional school setting, where they read from the book and take notes. Some students learn better by watching videos and powerpoints. 

I feel that technology at Central makes my life much easier. I find it very effortless to keep track of assignments, complete assignments, complete projects, and it makes it very easy to check grades. I believe technology will continue to benefit the students in this decade and decades to come. 

Along with the iPads coming into 2013, came FlexTime Manager. FlexTime Manager can be a student’s best friend but also its worst nightmare. FlexTime is a great time to get help with any classes that a student is struggling in. It also is a great time to get homework before you go home. Flex can be a hassle for high school students as well as sometimes it glitches and it does not let you sign up for places. Also, if you forget to sign up for “Flex,” it can lead to punishment if you do not sign up.

Also, in 2013, Central started College in the High School program. College in the High school, or CHS, is an excellent way for juniors and seniors to begin to take college classes that count as high school credits and college credits. CHS can be very beneficial toward students as it can give students the experience of a college class before students go to college. 

Another way CHS benefits the students is that it can provide students with affordable college classes. Taking the class at Central is more affordable then taking that class at college. Taking a few college classes in high school might not save you money right now but will save you a lot of money in the future. 

Another thing that happened in 2013 was the creation of the outdoor classroom. Personally, during my time in high school, I only have been out to the outdoor classroom a few times. I am not sure how often students use the classroom, as it can be a hassle to bring out the technology outside. It also can be hard for teachers to plan an activity outside as it can get spoiled because of the weather, during the beginning of the year it is too hot to go out, and then eventually it will get way too cold. There are only a few months of the year that the outdoor classroom can be used. And because of that, the outdoor classroom is very under-appreciated and underused.

In 2018, Central York created flexible instructional days. You may be asking yourself, what is a flexible instruction day? Now that the majority of high schoolers and all students in the Central school districts have their school-issued devices that they can use to complete work on The school created this policy for snow days. 

Instead of having off school and then having to add another day of school into the school year. These flexible instruction days allow students to complete work from home on their devices and while still counting as a day of school. There are many mixed feelings about flexible instructional days, and some students enjoy them as you can sleep in and complete the work at your leisure. Other students dislike them, as the last thing students want to on a snow day is complete school work.

Three years later, in 2014, another big celebrity came to Central School district. Miss America Nina Davuluri spoke at the annual Diversity Celebration. 

Now those are some of the good changes at Central over the decade. Let’s take a look at a few of the bad. The first one is only being able to walk through the main entrance of the school. It was very beneficial to be able to walk by the weight room on a cold winter day or a day where it is rainy. Another bad change was getting rid of certain lunch foods. What happened to the really good cheese pizza sticks, we ate all through elementary school and middle school. Or the really good chicken patties and chicken tenders that taste really good. 

Despite the few bad changes at Central, the good still outweighs them. I feel Central will continue to grow into an even better school. This will be caused by the creation of newer technology and the wonderful principals, teachers, and staff we have working there.