Wildin’ for Wings in York: Wing Review

Nicolas Guadagnino, Managing Editor

Have you ever wondered where the best place to get wings in York, PA was? Well I have, it was something I think about all the time. I decided to grab a few of my friends and set out on a mission to determine where the best wings are. 

To set some ground rules, we wanted to avoid pizza places that sold wings like Pizza Hut, Dominos and Papa Johns. The four places we went to were Buffalo Wild Wings, Westgate Restaurant and Lounge, Wings to Go and Quaker Steak and Lube. At each restaurant, we ordered three wing flavors. To keep things consistent, we ordered BBQ, mild/medium and a specialty flavor that we could only find at the specific restaurant. Each flavor wing was graded on three categories: taste, appearance and crispiness. Each category was scored from zero to five. 

In the end, all three categories were added up a given a score. Since four of us were eating the wings, we all scored them and the scores were added up and divided by four for an overall rating. Then the total score of each wing flavor from the restaurant for the final score to determine the best wing place.

The first place we went to was Buffalo Wild Wings. As someone who goes to Buffalo Wild Wings quite often, I had my hopes rather high and part of going is the experience. Where most will go to watch sports and hang out. Then on top of watching the sports, they might order wings. They have a wide variety of wing flavors and they are relatively affordable. After tasting BBQ, mild and Asian Zing. This was the specialty wing we ordered. After tasting we determined the final score of Buffalo Wild Wings is 12.38

The next place we visited was Westgate Restaurant and Lounge. I personally never have been to this place before and to be honest, I was a little skeptical. When I first walked into, I was a little bit concerned as there were not many people at the restaurant. That could have been due to the fact we went in the afternoon. We went to order the food, and we were told that we couldn’t split the wings in a way where we could get three different flavors. Moments later, our server came back and told us he could accommodate us. We ordered BBQ, Mild and Sweet Chili. Minutes after we ordered, our food came out and I was shocked. We were served enormous, crispy and delicious wings. I was not disappointed. I ate some of the best wings that I ever had. On top of that, we were given a 30 percent discount. The food and service was excellent. And I’m definitely coming back. The overall score of wings was 12.71.

Right across the parking lot is Wings to Go. It should be named more like Wings to no Go. We ordered BBQ, Mild and Maui Splash. The wings were expensive, tiny and had barely any sauce. Wing connoisseur Nathan Trimmer said,” I will never eat this again.” For a place that only serves wings, I was rather disappointed and I will not be going back there ever again. The final score of wings at Wings to Go was 5.50.

The last place we went to was Quaker Steak and Lube. By the time we stopped at the wing place we were a little winged out. This did not stop us though. Similar to Buffalo Wild Wings, Quaker Steak is another place where it is about the experience. At Quaker Steak, the wings were pretty good as we ordered BBQ, mild and Smoked Jalapeno Honey. The service was rather slow. The final score for Quaker Steak was 10.71.