Central York students make their vote count

Molly Klinedinst, Staff Writer


As the long awaited 2020 Presidential Election between current President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden approaches, Central York students casted their own votes for who they think should win this year’s election. Through a school-wide online survey, students from freshman to seniors voted and shared their insight on politics right now and why they feel their candidate should win. 

Biden knows how to make a structured argument and how to stick to a plan. He cares about the wellbeing of our nation rather than just himself, and he isn’t as extreme or as unpredictable as Trump,” one student responded.

Other students share their support for the opposing candidate. 

“Donald Trump can actually cognitively think and comprehend things without people telling him what to say compared to Joe Biden,” a male student commented. 

Although this year’s main concern has been the COVID-19 virus, ever since the candidates have begun campaigning, other topics such as mask wearing, BLM and climate change became topics worth discussing. 

The majority of the student body is unable to vote, but this doesn’t mean politics are not a hot topic amongst teens. Through social media posts, TV commercials and even the first presidential debate – which occurred on September 29 – Central York students are not afraid to share who should win this year’s election and why they believe this candidate should win. 

“I did watch the first presidential debate. My thoughts after watching was that both of them were like children because they were insulting and interrupting each other,” a senior stated. 

Although this year our country has the additional stress of social distancing at voting polls, many Americans

The results of the school-wide election. Only 166 students responded to the survey. Photo by Molly Klinedinst.

do plan on voting either in-person or by mailing in their ballots. Every vote counts and will help in electing our president on Nov 3.