2020 brings a wave of change to Homecoming

Jadeyn Higgins, Editor

Central York’s class of 2021 Homecoming court gathers on the bleachers to take their socially distanced group photo. Row one (Left to right): Holly Hinchcliff, Lauren Baylor, Seth Griffiths and Sarah Hartman. Row two: Jonathan Krentz, Jillian Krentz, Grant Smeltzer. Row three: Princess Gabriel, An Lai, Grace Wills. Row four: Judah Tomb, Taylor Wright-Rawls, Cole Luckenbaugh, Alexander Arrow.
Submitted By: Lauren Baylor.

Going on dates, taking pictures and dressing up is all a part of one of the most exciting events that takes place at school: Homecoming. Central York High School did not have a Homecoming dance, parade or pep rally this year. 

Central was unable to hold these activities due to the current guidelines in place for our health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although students won’t be celebrating with the usual events, Central will still be hosting the annual Homecoming football game and having spirit week. 

The school found this decision to be both hard and easy to make.

“It was hard because we were disappointed, like many people are, about needing to change what we have done in the past just because of everything that is going on,” said associate principal Dr. David Czarnecki.

Czarnecki said the decision also came easy to them because it was “out of our control. It was based upon the governor’s guidelines.” 

Even if the school wanted to host a Homecoming, they wouldn’t be allowed to, so they found other ways to celebrate Homecoming week. They did this by continuing the tradition of spirit week and by still having a Homecoming court. 

To honor the seniors on court they took pictures at the Homecoming game and they were still able to walk out on the field and be recognized with their parents and their guardians and there was still a Homecoming king and queen. 

“That was a non-negotiable,” said Czarnecki. ”We were always going to have a court.”

Central also hosted a spirit week. Monday was jersey day. Tuesday was flannel day. Wednesday was CYHS clubs and organizations day. Thursday was college day. Friday was CYHS spirit day. 

Students are also choosing to celebrate Homecoming on their own. Many students are hosting their own Homecoming, party or a small get-together. 

Senior Makaela Frey decided to host her own Homecoming for Central’s seniors. 

“It’s my senior year, and if my dad didn’t put together a Homecoming, we wouldn’t have one,” said Frey. “I am sad that I can’t do my normal senior year things. It sucks that during my senior year this is what we are stuck with.”

Homecoming is a part of the highschool experience and without it the class of 2021’s senior year doesn’t feel complete, but not only did the cancellation of Homecoming affect the seniors. It also affected the staff and other students at Central. 

Homecoming is a four-time thing and is all a part of the high school experience. The school year isn’t the same without the dance, but providing the students with activities like Homecoming court, spirit week and the Homecoming game can make an ordinary highschool week feel special.