Fall shopping at Target


Flannels line the racks at Target. Photo by Molly Klinedinst.

Molly Klinedinst, Staff Writer

Everyone loves a Target run and done, but this season, customers may want to take the time to stop in the clothing section to find some of this years’ top trends. From animal print, to vests, band tees and flannels, Target carries all of the fall fashion finds customers are looking for this season. 

Target is a prime spot for all essentials. From home goods, food, beauty and entertainment, you can find just about everything. This year specifically, Target has become a place where people regularly shop for clothing. 

Bryce Pearlstein, a Target employee who routinely works in guest services, believes technology and trend-sharing through social media brought more attention to the store this year than years past. 

“Social media and specifically, Tik Tok, had a lot to do with it. There were some ‘viral’ pieces that routinely sold out during the spring and summer and I’m fully expecting to see the same happen in the fall and winter quarter,” Pearlstein said. 

Target fashion has also approached a different audience this year. This is evident through not only the types of clothing being sold, but also the larger selection of clothes available that gear towards young people and middle-aged women. 

Another employee, Maddy Klinedinst, works in the clothing section at Target and notices a specific crowd of people shopping. 

“I think Target has a good younger audience, so I feel as though younger people are always shopping there. But definitely more now with our ‘All In [Motion]’ brand and ‘Wild Fable’,” Klinedinst said. 

As for clothing, Pearlstein and Klinedinst have noticed certain items trending, along with those that customers have been avoiding. 

“Right now, the flannels are really in for women and men, but we have got a lot of basic sweaters and fall jackets for women. Men have a lot of t-shirts that go with anything,” Klinedinst states.

There are, however, plenty of items that Pearlstein believes don’t deserve a place on the shelves.

“The corduroy pants from Goodfellow. There’s something about them that gives me either strong grandpa vibes or ‘I chain smoke 45 cigarettes a day’ energy. They’re just tacky,” he said.

This season, Target is the place for clothes shopping. With attractive options that are affordable, along with willing employees to help you find whatever you are looking for, Target makes fall fashion shopping easy.