Central student set to debut on Spotify


(Left to right) Emily Danczyk, Hope Allen, Zoe Kirkessner and An Lai at District Choir. Submitted by An Lai.

Novalea Verno, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Picture this: you’re a senior in high school and your schedule, in addition to required classes, includes the following: marching band, Chamber Singers, Jazz band, Future Educators of America, Aevidum, Tennis and Central York Performing Arts. Now, if you will, picture that you also decide to play in a rock band and write, sing and play your own music.

For Central York senior, An Lai, this is her every day. You may recognize Lai from the 2020 Homecoming Court or from her star role as the “Witch” in CYPA’s production of ‘Into The Woods’ last year. 

Lai began her musical journey 13 years ago when she began to play the piano. Today you can find her performing with the band Four Minutes To Blackbox or working on her own music. Her most recent project, an original song called “Broken Glass,” features Lai on piano and vocals. “Broken Glass” has not been released yet but has still managed to be a hot topic among students. Lai got help from her friend and music producer Ryan Leash (also known as ‘Lil Rye’).

“The song has a very sad vibe to it, but… An’s vocals [combined] with the strings and other instruments… makes it something more than a sad song,” said Leash.

The song was inspired by Lai’s life and is a personal look into the way the artist views herself. It was also inspired by music artist SODY, a favorite of Lai’s.

“Broken Glass” isn’t the first song she has written. Another original titled “Cherry Lights” has been kept from the public, but Lai is debating about releasing it if all goes well with her current project.

The song is set to be released on Soundcloud, Apple Music and Spotify. The date for this release has yet to be announced. 

Upon release, if you like what you hear, know that Lai intends to continue to create music after high school. She plans on pursuing a degree in music education that will help her to develop her own talents and learn to help others explore their own musical potential.

Lai encourages students to use music as a way to express themselves. She also encourages students new to music to start with the piano.

“If you’re just starting out without any prior experience in music, I would learn basic piano skills because it will help you write melodies, harmonies, and chord progressions. There are so many options to choose from when writing. It can vary from jazz, rock, bolero, to pop, hip-hop, and blues! But don’t be afraid to reach out to people who have experience. For anyone wanting to write vocal pieces, reach out to me,” said Lai.

Talent abounds throughout the halls of CYHS. Lai is a remarkable student who over the last four years has greatly contributed to the presence of said talent. While the anticipation over the release of “Broken Glass” continues to heighten, it is the anticipation of what Lai will bring to the musical community over the years that her peers look forward to the most.