Reception to Marvel’s Wanadvision is positive; Expectations remain high

Michael Carney, Staff Writer

Marvel has been a juggernaut in the realm of movies and comics for a decade, but now they are spreading their wings to the small screen with Wandavison.

Fans of Wandavision have been excited watching the show in anticipation to see what the end of the show will be. Overall, the show has received positive reviews, and everyone agrees they are excited for the ending. With only two episodes remaining, Wandavison has become the most popular television show on tv and has captivated viewers in love with the Marvel Universe. 

Wandavision was originally conceived as a gateway into movies that Marvel Studios has planned down the line, like “Doctor Strange 2”. The show revolves around Wanda Maximoff and Vision, two Marvel MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) characters (Vision was killed in “Infinity War” but brought back mysteriously in this show). They are first transported to a 1950s town and each episode time advances by a decade. Maximoff and Vision spoof that decades sitcoms, making viewers ask questions like, “What are they doing here?”, “Who is in control?” and “How is Vision still alive?”.

Dedicated viewers have been mostly positive thus far on Wandavision, such as Grace Randolph, a popular YouTuber who focuses on reviewing movies and television.

“Another week, another fabulous episode of WandaVision. WandaVision isn’t as zany of a show as people were theorizing,” said Randolph. 

Many people including herself who read the comics thought the show was gonna be more catered towards the lifelong fans. But even still, most people including Randolph have really enjoyed the show so far.

Randolph also had praise for the lead actress, Elizabeth Olson. 

“Elizabeth Olson is an incredible, incredible actress, that’s she’s able to channel all these sitcoms so well. She might get a [Oscar] nomination,” said Randolph. 

The well known Youtuber also  had praise for many of the actors in the show, but Olson was clearly the favorite for her. Randolph overall really liked the show as of now and she can’t wait to see where the show goes.

Another dedicated movie reviewer on Youtube who has responded positively is Sean Chandler. Despite his initial positive reactions, he has some issues with the answers the show has given thus far. 

“They started to give us a bunch of answers [to the plot],” Chandler said. “Our brains set up everything as payoffs. In general, the answers made sense, but did not live up to my crazy theories.”

  His views on the show have been good overall.  He’s liked every episode but he has been more critical on the show than Randolph. 

Chandler appreciates and focuses on comedy in his reviews. In Episode 7, he didn’t like the comedy too much, but he has loved the comedy in other episodes.

 Overall, reactions to WandaVision have been very positive. Most thought the first Marvel Cinematic Universe show would fall flat, but WandaVision has proved them all wrong. 

Wanda Maximoff (right) and Vision (left) share an on screen moment at the end of episode 2 “ Don’t Touch That Dial” of Wandavison after the couple entered the 1970s.
Photo from Disney / Disney +.