Hollywood In York?


Paul Kernel

An inside look at a selection of table games in Hollywood Casino York.

Jayden Burnside, Editor

We all know of Hollywood, California and its well-known impact on the world. Using its namesake, Hollywood Casino and Resorts is a well-known gambling institution with casinos sprawled across the country. Surprisingly, many were shocked to hear that one of their renowned casinos would be coming to the York Galleria Mall.

The construction of such a casino did not happen overnight. The location was actually selected back in September of 2018. Construction progressed smoothly until COVID-19 shut things down in 2020. Despite this setback, the extra time allowed Hollywood Casino to rethink some of its plans and design choices. These revised decisions ensured Hollywood Casino that they were prepared for opening night.

“It’s a great local investment here in Springettsbury Township,” said Erin Chamberlin, the senior vice president of regional operations, “We’re very excited.”

The new casino offers over 500 different slot machines and around 30 table games. Some of the games include Blackjack, Craps and Roulette. Most table games start at 25 dollars for a bettor’s initial wager. All the games are open for a full 24 hours each day. Despite the full-day operations, the casino has been crowded since it has opened.

“[It was] Busy where it was hard to find an open spot to play the games,” said Nathan Trimmer, english teacher at Central York High School. 

The games are not the only attraction at the establishment though. There is also a fully functional Barstool Sports Sportsbook. Here, patrons can watch a variety of different sports on the 9-foot tall, 32-foot wide video wall. Hollywood Casino also lets attendees bet on the games. From betting on a favorite football team to a favorite equestrian rider, this corner has it all.

“This is very different than anything really in the Commonwealth that I’ve seen,” said Chamberlin, “the feeling of it is very approachable. It’s very fun, and I think if you are a sports bettor, you’re going to love it.”

Hollywood Casino has also partnered with restaurant businesses to provide food and catering to patrons. The first of these is known as “Classic Grill.” Here, customers can order finger foods and the like. The second restaurant is “Diner and Drinks,” a more classic, sit-down restaurant. 

Overall, Hollywood Casino has started to attract much more attention to the Galleria Mall. Before the Casino, the Galleria Mall has been on the decline, with more and more shops closing down. Now with a brand new establishment, the mall is slowly becoming more populated.

“[It] Would be really cool for York County, it would draw in a lot of outsiders,” said Trimmer.

There has also been talk of expanding the Casino in the near future. This expansion would up the number of both slot machines and table games. Without the expansion though, the casino still has an enjoyable and welcoming atmosphere for most people.