Silly and scary Halloween costumes

October 27, 2021

Bashada (in white) dressed as an Among Us character to coordinate with her girl scout troop in 2020.

Cassidy Bashada

Bashada (in white) dressed as an Among Us character to coordinate with her girl scout troop in 2020.

It’s the beginning of fall and leaves are starting to drop. Pumpkins line front doorsteps and students rummage through closets to find old costumes or scramble to purchase ones completely new. Whether spooky or silly, Halloween costumes prove to be an entertaining tradition.

Junior Caitlynn Shaffer tends to veer towards a more lighthearted category of costumes. Last year, she dressed in the likeness of Bob Ross, and she is planning for a Guy Fieri theme this year.

“I definitely like funny costumes better, and I feel like these two correlate in a way. They are both kind of ionic,” Shaffer said.

She emphasizes the fact that internet trends were a large factor in her costuming decisions.

“Social media and TikTok definitely play a role in what people choose to wear,” Shaffer said.

The statement proved to ring true for sophomore Cassidy Bashada, too. Although she isn’t currently planning anything for this year, Bashada dressed up as an Among Us character last year.

While lighthearted ensembles are a popular choice, many want to spook their peers. Junior Jack Munchel plans to wear a pumpkin head and shirt adorned with fake blood.

“Halloween is my favorite time of the year, so I like to celebrate it fully,” Munchel said.

The rest of the nation echoes Central’s enthusiasm for the holiday. 

Consumers are expected to spend a record $10 billion on Halloween this year, according to the National Retail Foundation, with about $3 billion going toward costumes, a 27% increase from last year.

Regardless of what type of costume you choose, dressing up can be a great way to display Halloween spirit.

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