Senior priorities

Photo by Claire’s Gourmet Facebook.

Senior priorities

December 1, 2021

  The 2021-2022 school year has some funding struggles for seniors who are experiencing the most normal school year in two years. This senior fundraiser aims toward helping senior events such as prom and graduation. Advisors and senior class officers encouraged the senior class of 2022 to raise as much money as possible through selling pastry items from Claire’s Gourmet. 

Seniors received an email from art teacher, Jim Howard,  informing them of the fundraising opportunity. 

 However, in recent years advisors have struggled with class participation in the fundraiser. There is no ignoring how there is a significant decrease in the money raised through these fundraisers. 

“In recent years, fundraisers have gone down, down, down,” said Howard. 

    Many seniors do not know that, the more money raised from fundraisers, the lowe the overall cost of senior events become. When students sell more, it allows for a lower cost of prom tickets and more graduation costs to be covered.

“I may not participate in it [the fundraiser], but I like that we will be getting a prom because of it,” said senior Novalea Verno. 

In order to host prom, the school has location rental and catering, DJ, meal and lights. These expenses are partially covered by the sale.  

In an attempt to encourage fundraising, the organizers have offered seniors a free prom ticket if they sell fifteen items. In addition to this, if they sell 24 items, students can earn two free tickets or a $50.00 Amazon gift card. 

    Administrators hope to see an increase in fundraising in coming years in order to create an optimal year for all senior students. 

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