Gas prices produce ghastly reactions

The rising gas prices have caused many people to turn to alternative transportation methods.

Teresa Boeckel

The rising gas prices have caused many people to turn to alternative transportation methods.

Rubylynn Snyder, Staff Writer

Gas prices are rising and people are getting frustrated. Many high school students have been forced to get jobs to pay for their own gas. More and more students have not been out driving around and possibly have to reconsider running around.

”With the gas prices rising, it definitely limits my time out on the road especially as a younger driver,” said sophomore Cammble Sterner.

With the rise there are other ways to help prevent using a lot of gas. Alternative ways for transportation are like electric bikes, scooters and other electric vehicles are optional.  

“I feel like electric bikes and scooters could quite frankly be the future as I see them more and more often especially as the weather gets warmer,” said Sterner. 

Despite the dramatic money problems, other places are trying to change the gas prices. For example, Maryland’s gas prices are lowering because they signed a 30 day tax moratorium for gas. This where it drops down and makes the amount for gas lower than what it was. The price for gas has dropped close to 36 cents, leaving it around $3.90. 

“I know a lot of people who complain about the gas prices, and I do think that with a lot of families it will affect their travel plans especially if they keep rising,” said sophomore Ashlyn Mueller. 

When comparing the gas prices to other places in the world it can be frustrating. In Pennsylvania the gas prices are currently around $4.30-$5.40 depending on what car you have and where you are located. Although gas prices are high in Pa, it does get worse in other states. In California, gas prices have gone up close to $7.00. The prices have gone up so much that some people have to drop close to $100.00 for a full tank of gas alone. 

“The gas prices have gone up tremendously over the past couple months and it’s definitely not getting cheaper,” says Mueller.

Although some people are frustrated about the gas prices, there’s not much to really do other than see what the future might hold whether that’s hoping the gas goes down soon or finding other ways to transport places.