TikTok becomes Gen-Z’s news outlet


Submitted photo.

The Washington post has turned to TikTok to reach the younger generations.

Kaelin Shuler, Author

    Tiktok is slowly becoming the younger generation’s news outlet additionally influencing their thoughts and informing viewers of the news. On the app TikTok, there are roughly 1 billion monthly users and the majority of them are teens/younger children. Many Tiktok creators who entertain and post videos make their accounts about politics and current news. Teens understand and can relate personally to some things on TikTok, the app is a much better outlet for them than actual news outlets. Central York High School sophomore Madison Myers agrees.

     “For me, TikTok explains information better than the news,” Myers explains. “I know some news isn’t true but it can be a good news outlet for our generation”.

The government has even admitted they use this app to reach a younger audience. Most millennials are on TikTok but don’t get their news from there because it’s not reliable. For example, there are a bunch of teachers on the app who posts for entertainment. TikTok is for people to post short videos, and doesn’t show the whole picture of things.

“ I think it’s a little scary to get news from Tik Tok since it’s not always accurate and it’s created by any user. I used it for our Mini-THON total reveal and the video has gone pretty viral. It’s great for people to see the grand total, but they lack the planning, purpose, and activities behind that event. It’s a perfect example of seeing something but not getting the full story,” says CYHS teacher Malerie Kelly.

     The boomers know social media impacts the younger kids and they don’t always agree with it. A bunch of people think it’s only to connect and post videos. Many older generations use the app purely for amusement and don’t think it should be a news outlet, especially for younger kids who can easily be influenced by fake news. 

“During the pandemic, TikTok became a way of connecting people — strangers, really — across the globe,” boomer Charles Mallet acknowledges.

Altogether TikTok has been influencing and damaging younger kids’ thoughts while becoming the younger generation’s source of news.