Three dead and five injured in the Michigan State Shooting


Samantha Naill, Staff Writer

At 8:18 p.m. Feb. 13, 2023, shots were fired in Berkey Hall on Michigan State University’s campus. Eight people were shot, resulting in three dead and five injured. This event terrorized the thousands of students who attended MSU. 

The shooter was able to enter Berkley Hall and the MSU Union Building injuring many in the process. The fact that he was able to enter the buildings so easily has people wondering why better security wasn’t in place. This also brings about questions if the school is going to do anything to better help with security.

“If I were interested in going to MSU, the shooting would have made me rethink it. This was a terrible event and it’s scary to think that something like that could happen,” said senior Carey Waddell.

For seniors considering where to go to college, campus security and record of violence can deter them from choosing one school over another. While this wasn’t MSU’s fault, it is now going to be what people think of when talking about the school.

“I would say this event does make going to college a little scarier. I never had something like that on my mind when I go to college. now that this has happened it’s definitely a new fear that I have,” said senior Malia Ellis.

Campus was closed for a week following the shooting, during that time students did not have to attend classes.  In an attempt to make things safer, the school is installing locking door handles in about 1,300 of their classrooms and is looking to add more security cameras. The shooter was identified by police as 43-year-old Anthony Dwayne McRae who was not affiliated with the school.