Unified Bocce Ball Recap

Kahlil Kline, Staff Writer

     The success of Central’s Unified Bocce team this season came in pairs, literally. Two teams, Central York Team 1 and Central York Team 2, competed against local schools Dallastown, Dover and Columbia. During the regular season, Team 1 finished a record of 2-1, including an overtime/ tiebreaker against Dallastown while Team 2 finished 2-1 as well. 

     “This is the first time we’ve had a winning season and [our athletes] deserve it,” said first-year coach Katie Anderson.

     At the district level, CY Team 2 took first place in the competition held at Penn State’s Skyukill Campus beating Dallastown Team 2 and Dover on their way to victory. Central York Team 1 finished in 5th place in the tournament. 

     “The real win of the season is that the students took ownership and leadership to get to know each and better understand each other in order to play better as a team. They matured as a team as the season went on,” said Anderson. 

     Bocce ball may feel as if it is a team sport; however, there is a large team component to playing as well that Anderson alludes to. Players participate in each attempt by themselves – rolling a ball in an effort to score proximity points against their opponent, but players must also work together in their efforts to “control the court” and score points as a team. The more they work together, the more successful the team can be.