CY Puck fans anticipate upcoming season

Jack Smith, Staff Writer

As the temperature drops and it becomes too cold to be outside, the Central York Hockey team is bringing the heat. Located at 941 Vander Avenue in York City, the Central York Hockey team plays at least one game every week at the York City Ice Arena downtown. 

Upon entry to the arena, spectators are greeted with rowdy fans, faces against the glass, screaming their heads off, cheering on their team. You hear the scraping of skates on the ice, banging of sticks against a puck and the growl of the Central Panther after every goal. 

The Panthers promise to score multiple goals a game behind electric Logan Myers, who puts up impressive numbers each and every game. Myers, a sophomore, had a lot to say about the student section’s role in the game. 

“Having your friends in the stands gets you hyped and ready to play. Making plays gives them [the student section] energy and will pump us up on the ice.”

Many students even prefer these hockey games over other sports like basketball, football and soccer, which have been favorites for students for years. 

Sophomore Alec Fahs spoke about what made these hockey games so special. 

“Seeing my fellow friends and peers decking opposing players onto the ice,” he said.  

Myers also had a lot to say about how his older teammates are great leaders on the ice in games and in practice. 

“I look up to guys like [senior] Joe Raineri and [senior] Sean Barba. They’re nice guys you can really talk to if you need help. They lift you up when you’re down and inspire you to play better.” 

The importance of an upperclassmen leading a team and offering advice and even just being there for a younger teammate on a team is vital. The leadership provided by the older members of this team goes a long way and it is something that is visible on the ice. The chemistry the team has is put on display game in and game out as the Panthers have really put together an impressive season. 

As the Panthers get better and better on the ice, the student section continues to enjoy the success of their classmates with their constant attendance and an overwhelming amount of noise. The “section” keeps their chants going strong for all three periods of the game. 

“It’s pretty hype when the student section is there, and it’s fun to play in front of our friends, in general it’s just fun to play,” Myers said.

Myers loves the support he is getting from his fellow friends and peers in the student section and his energy and ability to make plays has surely made him become a fan favorite out on the ice.

 Even with the attention, Myers remains unselfish and continues to work hard. He loves the support that he is getting from the students and when asked to make a pitch to get more students to come out to the games he exclaimed, 

“The games are entertaining and every game we play is going to be a close one. All the teams are good and we match up well against them.” 

As the weather gets colder there is no better way to celebrate winter than an exciting high school hockey game. With the Panthers playing at the top of their game each week, it is hard to explain why you might have not seen a game yet.