Central says farewell to Superintendent

September 20, 2021

Central York School district has seen many changes in the last decade spanning from curriculum changes to virtual days to technology accessibility. Through all of these developments, Central has always had a constant figure to lean upon- Superintendent Dr. Michael Snell. Now, the district finds itself saying goodbye to its biggest advocate as Snell steps down from his position to move on to the next stage in his career.

Snell has spent the last 33 years of his life dedicated to public education and the youth. Ever since he was in second grade, he knew he was meant to be a teacher. As he got older and found himself working in a school he learned more about the behind-the-scenes administration and decided to pursue that. Snell has been with Central York School District since January 2009 putting in almost 13 years of hard work and zeal. Since the beginning of his journey, Snell’s faith in Central has never wavered. He’s always been one of the biggest champions for the advancements made by the students, staff and community.

“I’m proud of what we stand for, and I’m proud to come to work and be the superintendent every day,” he said.

One of Snell’s biggest passions in education is the use of technology in the classroom. In his initial interviews for the job, he expressed a deep desire to embrace what the district had started in the technology aspect of learning and take it to the next level. Now, every learner in the district has access to a device that enhances their learning experience. Students have the ability to submit assignments at any point in the day and reach out for help outside of school hours, something Snell remarks he never had during his years in high school.

Dr. Snell will leave Central in early October to pursue a career at PA Principals Association.
Photo submitted by CYSD.

“One of the things I’m proud of is that we embraced the use of technology and were early adopters in the whole cyber school day and flexible instruction days,” he responded when asked about his campaign for implementing technology into schools.

His belief that technology could advance the educational experience provided by Central proved to be successful. Students now have the ability to manage their own schedules and learn responsibility at a young age. By having the “sum of human knowledge” at their fingertips, learners can now take control of their academic careers. Students can also create a learning environment best suitable for them through Snell’s push for mass customized learning. Snell says that it is important to recognize that students learn in different ways and in different time frames. He is a big believer in allowing students to explore what works best for them.

“We are a phenomenal district that provides great opportunities to [students] and I’m proud of that,” he said.

Snell will be passing the torch in order to pursue a new title as Assistant Executive Director for the Pennsylvania Principals Association. Through this association, he will be supporting, representing and advocating for principals all across the state of Pennsylvania. His last day with the district was Sept. 3. 

“I look forward to, while not being in a school district, still supporting education and instructional leaders,” he said when asked about how he feels about his upcoming transition.

Despite his excitement for this new beginning, Snell finds himself a bit reluctant to say goodbye to the district that has been his home for so many years.

“The folks that I’ve met, the folks that I’ve grown to know and love and cry with at times… is what I will miss the most,” he said when asked what he would miss about Central.

As his time at Central comes to an end, Snell hopes that he will be remembered as someone who wanted to make a difference in the lives of young people and as an educator who advocated for the improvement of the public education system.

“First and foremost I’m a teacher… I hope they remember me as a proud educator,” he said.

On behalf of the student body, we wish Snell best wishes for his next adventure and a heartfelt thank you for the work he’s put into making every day a great day to be a panther.

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  • L

    Lori SutherlandOct 6, 2021 at 1:52 am

    We are greatly going to miss Dr Snell. He took Central to new levels and made us all proud to be part of the Panther family .Good luck Dr Snell and as always It’s a Great Day to be a Panther!!