Eye-catching honors societies: What to know

December 1, 2021

With many organizations at Central York High School (CYHS) on the rise, some of the most prestigious groups students can join are the honors societies. These societies present opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery of their favorite subjects and topics.

One of the more popular societies is the National Spanish Honors Society (NSHS). This society showcases Spanish achievements and participating members use this society to express their passion for the Spanish language.

My interest in the society is being able to show my ability in the language while surrounding myself with others who share a similar liking of the Spanish language,” said sophomore and incoming member of the NSHS, Zachary Smith.

Another popular Honors Society is the National English Honors Society (NEHS). Here, students show off their reading and writing skills in different activities and programs such as a peer editing program or chances to read to the younger students at the elementary schools within Central York School District.

“We work to foster a strong enthusiasm for English,” said Brandy Detwiler, english teacher and co-advisor of the NEHS.

A final eye-catching honors society is the National Mathematics Honors Society (NMHS). Similar to the NEHS, members of the NMHS work to perfect their skills in different mathematics subjects such as algebra, statistics or geometry. This is shown through different events and experiences scheduled by club officers.

“We offer math competitions and challenges on the state or national level to our members,” said Raymond DuBose, mathematics teacher and sponsor of the NMHS.

Students of all walks of life are welcome to these three societies, no matter their academic background. As long as the varying requirements such as applications and teacher recommendations are met, there should be no problem becoming a member. 

“You don’t have to be a math prodigy to succeed in this club. There are many opportunities to expand on your knowledge of math while reaching the point requirements to stay active,” said MNHS officer and senior Brianna Fan.

All three of these organizations also offer many scholarships and appreciation for their members, as they demonstrate students’ strives for success. It is the students’ hard work and dedication to the subject that helps keep the societies running strong in the first place.


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