An extensively decorated house in York PA.

Photo by Daniel Shepard.

An extensively decorated house in York PA.

Christmas decorations

Decorating for Christmas is a long-standing tradition, but as long as that’s been a tradition, there has also been an argument of when it is appropriate to decorate. Whether right after Halloween, after Thanksgiving or a week before Christmas, everybody has their set opinions on the subject. Some people even get annoyed when they see decorations before a certain date. 

“I think as soon as Halloween ends, it is the Christmas season. Some people say it’s Thanksgiving season, no, Christmas season is Nov. 1 to Dec. 25,” says Cooper Shellenberger, a senior at Central York High School.

Another senior, Jocelyn Long, agrees and says that we must “prolong the season.” However, another popular response is that Christmas decorations should not be present until mid-November or after Thanksgiving. In fact, studies from YouGov, a marketing research company, show that the day after Thanksgiving is the most popular day in America for people to put up decorations. More nonchalant views on the topic are also present.

“If you want to put up a Christmas tree in October, go for it, I really don’t care. I don’t think there should be a deadline or a cutoff, so just do what you want,” says senior Brandon Whitcomb.

When it comes to business, the same opinion exists that Nov. 1 is an acceptable date to begin advertising for Christmas. Senior Kalynne Dunnick claims that mid-October is an acceptable date for advertising, as she has experience helping her mom advertise for her business. On the other hand, sophomore Will Hildebrand sticks to what is simple.

“At the earliest, Dec. 1. Officially, Winter doesn’t even start until Dec. 21. If it’s a big holiday, it should only take up the month that it takes place in.”

While everybody has their personal opinions, Christmas decorations are a staple of the season and many people enjoy decorating and spreading the Christmas spirit all around.

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