Decorating the home for the holiday season is a tradition some families uphold each year.

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Decorating the home for the holiday season is a tradition some families uphold each year.

There’s snow place like home

December 20, 2021

The season of joy is upon us! Christmas time is filled with many different family traditions. Whether it’s building a gingerbread house with siblings, watching classic Christmas movies by the fireplace or throwing a huge party- it’s always time well spent with the people you cherish most. 

As for my family, my great-grandpa Kramer began a family tradition of playing an intense card game of Spades after eating and gift opening. Today, my family has changed and created some of our own traditions. After the Christmas Eve dinner, we’d play a game of WII bowling and collect secret prizes along the way. When someone would win a round, they’d rack up on presents and could even steal or trade from another player. Additionally, my family hides the green pickle in the tree (tradition originated in Germany). 

What family tradition does your family do during Christmas? Did the elf-on-the-shelf sneak into your home Dec. 1? 

We can’t forget the traditional baking around Christmas time. Some families make the classic chocolate chip, sugar or peanut butter cookies for Christmas Eve or day. However, my great-great-grandma Lippi’s Hermit cookies are a traditional cookie my family has enjoyed baking for generations. The dough consists of the basic ingredients of any simple cookie but requires a cup of freshly brewed cold coffee. Pecans and raisins are also folded into the dough along with classic spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. What are your favorite treats to bake during the Christmas season? 

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