Drive to Survive in the Hub

Junior Tyler Anderson is using the driving simulator during iRacing club in the 

Photo by Aaron Lecorchick.

Junior Tyler Anderson is using the driving simulator during iRacing club in the Hub.

Aaron Lecorchick, Editor

    iRacing which can let drivers feel the effects of driving without actually being out on the road. The new club is looking to expand its operation currently set up in the Hub.

    This iRacing club is exactly what it sounds like; it’s an electronic racing club.  Members drive in a driving simulator, can pick which cars to drive and tracks to drive on. 

    “It’s interesting how in-depth the game goes, and how good the simulation of racing is and is a great way to get into cars and racing,” said sophomore Avery Schrum. 

    Technology Support Specialist Phil Savard is the advisor of iRacing Club. The idea came to mind back in the summer of 2020 because real racing paused due to COVID-19 and simulated racing is what all the professionals were doing.

    “I got into iRacing and found some kids that also were into it and thought it was something the school didn’t have even with the E-sports club, because they do other things,” said Savard.

    This club takes place on day five at the hub in the One-Button Studio. Since this club has just started, it’s gonna take some time to get started up and on a roll.

     Ideally Savard would like to “join a high school league”. With that comes a couple challenges. Savard needs more equipment such as new monitors (4 to 6) and simulators (4 to 5). To get those pieces of equipment the club needs to get money from the school which is the biggest obstacle moving forward. 

    Savard is asking for the money from the school, but it isn’t easy and has been a struggle to get. This is the same problem for other schools that are interested in the high school league. Some of the schools that are interested right now are Vo Tech and Spring Grove. 

    Currently the students in the club aren’t racing other people online or in a league which is a goal for the future, but they are racing against Artificial Intelligence (AI). Eventually they will be racing online and in the high school league.  He also would hope to get different sponsors for the league.

    “I got a car with a panther on it,” said Savard.

    As the club is just starting up, there is a long way to go to get where Savard would like the club to be, but with a little help from the school and cooperation from other schools the goals of the club can be reached.