“The Batman” review

April 6, 2022



Robert Pattison as Batman in “The Batman” (2022).

Released March 4, 2022, “The Batman” has been one of, if not the most talked-about films that have come out in the last year. Following the release of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” in December of 2021, it would be hard to take the cake as the best superhero movie that dropped since 2021, but DC Comics has given Spider-Man a run for his money.

Going into the movie, I did not expect a whole lot from the film. It is safe to say I was very wrong. The beginning of “The Batman” started off with a glance into Gotham City’s drastic crime rates. Possibly one of the best scenes in the movie was the introduction talking about the corruption of the city, while numerous goons are committing acts of vandalism and assault. Without spoiling the movie, Bruce Wayne, or Batman, started off the film strong by restoring justice in the city which was very entertaining to watch. 

People who have seen the film commended “The Batman” on social media about the DC superhero. 

Collider editor-in-chief Steven Weintraub said it was “unlike any Batman movie you’ve seen,” explaining its intimidating three-hour running time. “The 3-hour run time allows scenes to breathe,” he stated. “No quick cuts. No wasted moment.”

The Gloomy theme song by the popular 90’s rock band “Something in the Way” sits at No. 3 on Spotify’s daily ranking of the top 50 streaming songs in the U.S. Nirvana’s song is seen at the beginning and end of the film and has become one of the most popular songs currently. It has become a meme all over social media, as well as bringing spotlight to Kurt Cobain and his band to the new era of young music listeners. 

It’s fascinating to see “Something in the Way” become a hit 31 years later, since it was never released as a single and is seen as one of the less-celebrated songs off the classic album, “Nevermind.” 

Spotify released a tweet stating “Something in the Way” has had more than a 1200% increase in streams since the release of the movie.

Robert Pattison played a great Batman character. Being a minimal speaker led to Batman being more mysterious as well as creating the feel that every word that comes out of Pattison’s mouth is important and relevant to the movie. 

Viewers, including myself, enjoyed the Riddler’s clues and live streams that made an appearance on screen. The unique element of the movie that many enjoy is the horror side of Batman movies that fans have never seen before. The Riddler, played by Paul Dano, played a psychologically ill citizen that is tired of the secrets Gotham’s government officials are hiding from the public. The producers included elements of terror, current-day technology and intelligence to create a sense of fear of the villain. 

Overall, “The Batman” has not only been one of the greatest superhero movies but one of the best overall movies I have ever seen. It is not like any superhero film you have seen before. 

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