Ketanji Brown Jackson, new Supreme Court Justice


Kaelin Shuler, Author


     The U.S. Senate voted in the first black woman ever and her confirmation is seen as a lasting position in the direction of the court. Many professionals have optimistic opinions of her. She has been a huge role model to people of color and is a powerful inspiration. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris believe they made a good choice. 

       “Judge Jackson is a hero to so many Americans across our country. She will be the first Black woman on the highest court in the land,” Vice-President Harris tweeted.

      Jackson has a background in law and began her career in 1996. Her professional experience, especially as a judge with a significant background as a public defender, and her personal experience being a black woman in the United States will influence how she approaches cases before the court. It will also help to change the system of law interpretation, which many believe is damaged. 

      “The responsibility of being a judge means doing the work that is necessary to protect the rule of law and to promote equality and justice for all,” Jackson explains.

      Making history, Biden chose her for the honesty and fairness she will give. A bunch of people also believe she will use her experience and knowledge and apply it. Judges and individuals involved with the law have good opinions of her and believe she will change everything.  

      “She is continuing the legacy of 115 Justices before her and she will undoubtedly leave a mark as the Court hears some incredibly large cases in this and upcoming trial terms,” law teacher Erin Walker describes.

     All in all, Jackson has proven she is fit for the role and will have a lasting impact on the justice system.