Students are provided golden opportunities


Room of the career center where students can go to if they have questions about future plans.

Clayton Cox, Editor


Upperclassmen are provided the opportunity to have chances to take part in dual enrollments with colleges around the state and broaden their horizons through the career center.

Golden opportunities are provided to juniors and seniors to increase their knowledge. The school provides chances for students to take on leadership roles and go to different schools that they feel like they need. Eric Shellenberger, a guidance counselor gave an idea of how many chances there are for students to expand their horizons.

“Probably somewhere around the… dozen range.“

There are enough courses for every student to be able to pursue their passions. Shellenberger also believes that the opportunities provide the availability for students to pursue their passions while saving money through “dual enrollment” which covers roughly every college in Pennsylvania.

“There are so many different options and opportunities. I think students are questioning whether or not they want to spend a lot of money,” he stated.

He also believes that students may not know what they want to do after their high school careers, which these options help with.

“There are always those students, and even back when I was in high school, where you have no idea what you want to do… We try really hard to give that opportunity and then hopefully you go out and love it. Or if you dislike it, then it gives you the motivation to change what you’re doing,” Shellenberger explained.

Shellenberger gave his recommendation onwhat he thinks students consider while making their decision.

“One of the things I usually preach to my students even from freshman year and up, please try not to select because of your buddies or pals,“ Shellenberger stated.

Opportunities are provided to students and plenty of chances to allow upperclassmen to go and take college courses, Chris Hansen, a senior, took advantage of the option to geta head start on his college credits.

“It not only gives me a high school credit but it alsogives me a college credit before I even go to college which is super cool,” Hansen stated.

“I had to consider the price and classes they offer but luckily York College had almost everything for me. I enjoy the freedom I’m given,“ Hansen stated.

The benefits of dual enrollment provides plenty of opportunities for students to see what college is like before spending the usual amount of money. Hansen took advantage of this cheap cost.

“To attend York college it only costs 100 dollars. The cost wasn’t too much and there were a lot of options.” Hansen provided.

Unfortunately, freshmen and sophomores won’t be able to take part in the opportunities that upperclassmen can, but juniors and seniors take the chance to pursue the option given.