Paddle’s up

Cayden Burt, Author

The ping pong is a new club created by business teacher Brian Stormes that consists of 33 members and occurs every day six during Flex.

Stormes grew up playing with his family. The better he got, the more he loved playing. He wanted to offer it to the student body in hope that they have an enjoyable experience like he did.

“I wasn’t very good when I started. The more I played, the better I got and my confidence grew to the point where I could beat my dad. Through college, I played for fun and I just loved it,” Stormes said.

Students also really enjoy the club. Member Bennett Dame joined the club, with intention of having a good time.

“I joined the club because it’s fun and I had some friends join the club so I wanted to play ping pong with them,” Dame says

Currently, there are no current competitions that they compete in, but he seeks to expand outside of the school.

“My long-term goal is if ping pong club would get really competitive, and we get really good competitive players then maybe we could find some clubs or other schools that offer the same type of thing and set up a match,” said Stormes.

Student hits the ball as peers gather to watch. Photo by Cayden Burt.


Ping pong has multiple scoring methods, but the way the club is operated is games to two scores and then switch this way everyone gets opportunities due to the few amounts of tables. In the future when gets more tables he wants to try different ways to play and score.

“Future plans are to play king of the court so one person wins and you keep rotating. If we had more tables then we would be able to play real games,” Stormes mentioned.

There are special moves that you are able to learn that will give you a competitive advantage.

“The more you play, people start to spin the ball when someone is spinning the ball and someone doesn’t know how to hit it, so this hits off their paddle,” Stormes commented.

Due to the lack of tables and members he cannot accept new people to join the club.