Seniors take on their last Homecoming

Brooke Stayman, Author

The month of October is known for Friday night football games, Halloween and homecoming. Central York High school is having their homecoming Saturday, Oct. 15, 2022. For seniors, this benchmark represented one of their final high school memories that will stick with them for years to come. 


Preparing for homecoming takes a lot of time for most people and can be seen as stressful. For seniors, they have this under control as they have done this multiple times. 

“ I am relieved that this is my last homecoming to prepare for just because of how much money it is and how long it takes to plan. But I am also sad, it is very bittersweet, ”  said senior Paityn Asper.  

Many girls spend months preparing for homecoming picking out a dress, setting up appointments and buying accessories. Money plays a huge part in preparation; depending on what dress a girl gets, it could cost hundreds of dollars. Nails, hair, makeup and alterations are not cheap, either. Aside from preparing for the dance, making plans and figuring out everything within your group is a hassle. In some situations, plans are made months or weeks before, such as dinner reservations and figuring out where to go for pictures. 

“We took pictures at John Wright, then we went to a friend’s house to eat Chick-Fil-A. We all decided to go for a more casual route and just eat at home instead of going out to dinner like most people do,” senior Gabe Thomas said. 

At the dance

The dance is the most important part of the day, everything that was done was to lead up to this moment. 

“My favorite part of homecoming was being with all of my friends for our last homecoming,” said senior Devon Marsh. 

Reality sets in, and the dance represents one of the last important moments the senior class will get to share. Marsh was on the homecoming court, which was announced in front of the whole gym at the dance followed by the king and queen. 

“ It was a very cool experience being on the court and it was fun being recognized in front of the whole school,” said Marsh. 

After the dance 

Events following the dance are sometimes planned last minute while others are planned weeks before the dance. For senior Owen Hill and friends, they had plans for after the dance. 

“ The senior friend group all went to a large gathering to celebrate our last homecoming together,” said Hill. 

Many students have plans after homecoming. It could be getting together with friends, going to Round the Clock or just hanging out. Hill and other seniors planned to hangout after the dance to celebrate the last homecoming as seniors. While seniors are celebrating their last homecoming dance Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors have more dances to look forward to.

Seniors in the student section show their CY pride as they spirit for the senior class.
(Photo by Philip Savard. )