Citizens dress up to see new minion movie

“Minions: Rise Of Gru” has finally hit the big screen. Delayed for two years due to COVID-19, this movie has had the biggest opening ever over an Independence Day weekend. Families showed up for the film in excitement, but others may have taken their loyalty to, what some might say, another level. 

Young men are showing up to the new movie dressed head-to-toe in black and white formal attire-as tribute to the main character of the movie. The #Gentalminions has 5 million views on TikTok and Twitter. This has even gained the attention of Universal Pictures,

“To everyone showing up to ‘Minions’ in suits: we see and we love you,” Universal tweeted. 

The movement began in Australia after an 18-year-old, Bill Hirst,  posted on TikTok. The video features a large group of young people in suits going to see the minions movie. 

 “Everyone’s always loved a bit of Minions. They’re big on TikTok. So we thought it would be funny to chuck on some suits and go to a showing,” Hirst stated. 

Along with the suits , movie-goers brought bananas in support of minions because minions love bananas. They even put them in the pocket where a handkerchief is supposed to go. 

It may seem like it’s just a group of boys showing up to watch a movie, but the effort to bring formality to the movies, however, isn’t as ‘gentleminionly’ as it may seem.  Theaters are banning it. 

According to Cal Byrne, writer for a United Kingdom news website, Wales Online,  “Although the trend largely involves just turning up to the cinema in your suit and perhaps chowing down on a banana, there have been some reports of Gentleminions getting rowdy in the aisles of theatres which has led to some cinemas either attempting to band the trend, or at least discourage it”.

Other theaters have complained about this and enforced rules due to the popular trend. Guernsey cinema, a movie theater in the United Kingdom, canceled all screenings of the movie due to vandalism.

The trend may seem fun theaters do not agree.