Celebration erupts in Philadelphia upon big win


Photo from npr.org.

Certain streets were closed off and parking was restricted in anticipation of the crowds.

Veronica Langrehr, Co-Editor-in-Chief

    It has been a long standing tradition for Philadelphia to take the huge celebration to the streets when the Philadelphia Eagles win a game. This was no different this past weekend when the Eagles beat the San Francisco 49ers sending their team to the Super Bowl. 

    “I’m not a big Eagles fan so I was disappointed when they won,” said senior Danny Pham. 

    Thousands of people were on the streets in support of their beloved sports team; however, city officials urged people to celebrate “safely and responsibly.” The city took precautions before the game even began; it has been a practice for poles in the city to be “greased” before big games in an attempt to stop people from climbing them. Not to much surprise, this did not prevent the enthusiasm and the tradition continued another year.

    “I’m surprised the whole city isn’t up in flames, it’s crazy,” continued Pham.