Locals able to return after train derailed, Ohio


Photo by Gene J. Puskar.

This picture was captured by a drone of the Northfolk Southern train wreckage.

Aaron Lecorchick, Editor

After a train carrying dangerous substances was derailed in East Palestine, OH Feb. 3, 2023, it sparked a fire causing evacuations around the area. Five of the train cars were carrying vinyl chloride which is a chemical that could have possibly caused an explosion putting deadly fragments and toxic fumes into the air. 

Residents evacuated their homes after the train in Ohio close to the border of Pennsylvania came off the railroad wrecking. This train burned and released threatening chemicals into the air and even the Ohio river, after a controlled release of the chemicals. After several air tests on Wednesday it was declared safe for the residents to return back home. 

“Hundreds and hundreds of data points we’ve collected over the time show the air quality is safe,” said Jame Justice of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.