Stormes crowned ping pong champion

Kahlil Kline, Staff Writer


In the month of February, High school teachers and staff participated in a ping pong tournament to have fun and enjoy themselves during the winter months. 

The tournament had two brackets, competitive and non-competitive, where some played for fun and others played to win. Each match consisted of a best-of-3 to a score of 11, switching serves every 2 points. 

The tournament  took place below the 400 workroom where faculty and staff eat lunch.  

“My first match, and only match, was against Mr. Strickler. We were able to battle in front of our C-lunch buddies,” said Mr.Trimmer. 

The loser of each match was eliminated from the tournament and the winner advanced to the next round. There were 10 competitors in the non-competitive and 19 competitors in the competitive bracket. The winner of the competitive bracket was awarded a trophy for beating everyone. This year’s winner was Brian Stormes. 

“My wife makes fun of me for winning my own tournament and I told her, you have to make your own destiny,” said Mr. Stormes

Stormes was the first to think of and created the tournament. He won all four of his matches and defeated Astorino, Lucia, Potteiger and Detwiler along the way. In the non competitive bracket, Ms.Fisher won all three of her matches. 

The tournament is scheduled to be played twice this coming school year and a double elimination change will aim to make it more competitive.