Attractiveness in society


Samantha Naill, Staff Writer

Whether people want to believe it or not, attractiveness plays a bigger role in society than it should. People will put their entire judgment of a person based on their looks. Some think that attractiveness only plays a role in modeling or movie stars, but it plays a bigger role in everyone’s day-to-day life. It is even shown in children, kids who are “cuter” are treated more favorably. 

People judge you for your appearance and even assume your personality based on looks. For example, some believe that attractive women are more stuck up and rude and that they will be cold to them. 

“Pretty privilege” is a real thing. Good-looking people have been shown to be less likely to be judged as guilty in legal matters. Some attractive people receive gifts or are let off easily just for being attractive. 

Researchers were hired by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis to complete a study involving looks and money. This study showed that attractive people tend to earn 5% more than someone average looking and people who are less than average looking make nearly 9% less.

Many attractive women aren’t taken seriously at their job. Coworkers won’t believe they are actually good at what they do. More beautiful people bring out the jealous side in people. This can make them become a target for jokes.

The job of a model requires being attractive to fit society’s standards of attractiveness. Many are forced to keep an incredibly skinny figure which causes many to develop eating disorders. But it isnt just models that have that pressure on them to look good. Most feel that pressure to look gorgeous and skinny because that is what people have been told is what is most important.

Attractiveness should not be such a big part of people’s everyday lives and people should not be treated differently because they are more attractive or unattractive.