Top 10 Christmas movies of all time

Anna Lumsargis, Editor-in-Chief of On The Prowl

It’s that time of the year when Christmas movies are played on repeat. ABC, Hallmark and Freeform are just a handful of the channels that show non-stop Christmas content from the end of Thanksgiving into the New Year. But what movies have risen above the others and withstood the test of time? Here are the top ten best Christmas movies of all time. 

At number ten, comes “Disney’s A Christmas Carol”. This story is based off of Charles Dickinson’s famous novel. It’s about a cranky old man who is visited by the ghost of Christmas past, present and future. He then learns that he must change his ways before it’s too late.

Coming in at number nine is “Miracle on 34th Street”. This movie is an oldie but a goodie. It follows a young girl as she struggles to believe in Santa Claus until she meets the real Santa at Macy’s. But when Kringle surprises the customers and employees by saying he is the real Santa, it leads to a court case to determine his mental health and authenticity. This is a heart-warming movie that you can watch with your grandparents. 

Number eight is “White Christmas”. This is another classic holiday film, that includes many flashy dance numbers. It revolves around two former WW2 soldiers turned Broadway stars and a pair of sisters who work together to raise money for a run down Inn in Vermont. For being an older movie, it is filled with quirky comedy and beautiful scenery. 

At number seven, comes “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. Any movie with these beloved characters are sure to be nostalgic. Charlie Brown sets off to get a Christmas tree, while the rest of the Peanut gang rehearse for the school’s Christmas pageant. And how could you forget about Snoopy and the Red Baron?

Coming in spot number six is “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”.  Everybody loves a good clay-mation movie and this one is no exception. It tells the story of how Santa Claus came to be. A simple, yet essential movie to our holiday list. 

At number five comes “Elf”. Who doesn’t love a grown man raised as an elf going to New York City for the first time? This movie is hilarious and is sure to get you in the Christmas spirit. 

Number four is “The Grinch”. Whether you prefer the cartoon or live-action, this is a must-watch. We have all watched the furry, green creature plot to take Christmas out of Whoville since we were little. 

Coming in at Number three is “Home Alone”. When a boy is left behind by his family, he must battle against two burglars. If you like “three-stooge” kind of humor, then this movie is for you. 

Spot number 2 has to go to “Christmas Vacation”, an 80’s movie at it’s finest. It goes over all the holiday tropes such as strange family members, sledding, getting a tree and of course Christmas lights. 

And at number one is the “Polar Express”. There is not a more iconic childhood Christmas movie than the Polar Express. With festive songs and a daring adventure to the North Pole, this movie is the very essence of a great holiday film.