Junior’s start fundraising for the class account


Aaron Lecorchick, Editor


The junior student council members started running flower fundraisers which started in February and newly started baseball concessions. These fundraisers are put in place to raise money for the lack of money in the juniors funding account. 

With COVID-19 impacting freshman and sophomore years current juniors have fundraising challenges to build on. As a result of the lack of in-person opportunities to raise money the 2024 class fell into funding debt.

“We are in a financial crisis and little do the junior class know, little did the class officers know. We need to fund for prom, graduation and other activities like senior sunrise/sunset,” said Mitchell.

Each year the junior class is expected to earn around 3,000 dollars to be able to pay for the cost of the school related-activities. At the end of this year the junior class account should hold around 9,000 dollars, However the situation is dire.

“We have under two hundred dollars in our account that we have raised,” said Mitchell.

With the junior account sitting well under the end-of-the-year goal these fundraisers have been put in place and are continuously brainstormed to make up for the money as soon as possible.

“The small number of us who actually are trying are planning more fundraisers but we are getting to desperation time. Many ideas are in the works, but we will definitely take ideas, but low participation is killing us,” said Mitchell.

Student council and class officers are together more than ever to keep chipping away at the goal of raising as much money as possible. 

“Student council has many fundraisers planned, so try to participate as much as possible,” said current 2024 class vice President Anna Gates.

The flower fundraiser was organized by Gates which started in February and will end toward the end of May. Dutch Mill Bulbs are selling the bulbs with a specific link dedicated to the school where the junior class receives 50 percent of proceeds. The price of the flower bulbs is 13 dollars, which includes different bundles of singular flowers, different mixes of flowers and more.

When looking for other options for fundraiser’s to go along with the flower bulbs fundraiser the class officers saw a good opportunity to start baseball and softball concessions. There never were any baseball or softball concessions, but Mitcell and Gates have worked hard to try and start it up to bring in some more money.

“On paper, the class of 2024 is running the baseball concessions with help from the student council. It’s really the officers and not all of us,” said Mitchell. 

Junior’s, senior year activities could be in jeopardy without the help of the whole class to keep fundraising going throughout the rest of this year and going into the next.

“We [need to] raise as much money as possible in order to ensure a good prom and graduation for everyone,” said Gates.