Recycling plastic, it’s fantastic

Arianna Brown, Staff Writer


Due to the lack of proper use of recycling at Central York High School, the Interact Club 

is partnering with a global organization to recycle plastics into new commodities. 

CRDC Global is a building materials company that creates a new life for the world’s plastic waste. Founded in 2018, CRDC is already expanded to locations all across the world, including the UK, Australia, etc.. By recycling plastic from local educational agencies, including charter, alternative, disability and public schools, to juvenile justice facilities, they are stopping the flow of plastic pollution to the landfill. 

With this plastic they receive, they turn it into a new material called Resin8. It is then used as a building material for the construction industry. 

“While we’re helping to clean up plastic waste, we’re also providing a product that stands on its own in terms of its performance and commercial viability,” stated Donald Thompson, CEO of CRDC Global. “Resin8 has a positive impact on both the plastics and the construction industries as a functional example of zero waste. We spent years on research and development to ensure we have a process that can be rapidly scaled.”

With one of their buildings in York, Pa, there was no doubt that they would affect the district. With the multiple vending machines, sports events, and performances by the CYPA, the plastic containers from snacks and drinks are everywhere. 

“Until now, everything that was put in green plastic recycling bins was going straight to the trash”, said Charlotte Utter, leader of the Interact Club.

 There was no proper system, and students threw everything and anything inside of them. 

With the custodial staff already having their hands full with other jobs, Utter came up with an idea to have students and staff step up so they could recycle properly and help the Central community. 

“I emailed all faculty/staff, explaining the program and asking for volunteers,” said Utter. “I told them that I wanted to “pilot” the program with 15-20 teachers, instead I got 40 very enthusiastic volunteers!”

With the backing of staff, the Interact Club put multiple recycling cans around the school, hoping that students would make more of an effort to put their recyclables into the proper bins. 

“I think it’s helping by using a foot-in-the-door approach,” said Kaitlyn Caudil. “She works very hard to coordinate multiple helpful programs”. 

The Interact club is not the only club trying to recycle plastics. Central has another club, the Earth Savers, run by Mrs. Jones. They recycle plastic caps that are then turned into benches that can be used by the school and local communities. Both clubs have the common goal of improving the environment. With the help of students and staff, the interact club hopes that they can better the environment with this first step.