Real vs. fake Christmas tree debate

Anna Lumsargis, Editor-in-Chief of On The Prowl

It’s time to “deck the halls” with pine trees decorated in all colors and lights. This year there has been a Christmas tree shortage as demands rise and the holidays get closer. But don’t worry growers in York County say that you should still be able to get a tree in time for the big day. However, this raises the question: Are real of fake trees better? 

“Real trees are better because they are more authentic and smell great. I also love going to pick it out with my family every year. You don’t get the full experience if all you put up is a plastic tree from Target,” said sophomore Marisa Spahr. 

Often when you get a real tree you can go and cut it down yourself. There are a bunch of tree farms where it is possible to do this within the area such as McPherson’s Tree Farm, McCurdy’s Tree Farm and Elizabeth Farms. 

“It’s always fun to go out and look for a tree, rather than get it from inside a box. Plus the fake ones don’t look as good,” said Spahr. 

If you don’t want to personally cut down your tree, you could always go to tree stands like Whitecombs or Strathmeyers at the York Fairgrounds. 

Junior Alyssa Crane said, “I have both a real and a fake tree, but I got my real tree from Whitecombs. I prefer real trees because they smell like fresh pine.” 

However, real trees can make a mess with pine needles everywhere. They are also re-bought from year to year, being costly. 

“I personally like fake trees because they can be fluffed out and made to look a certain way. They also are super easy to put up and take down,” said senior Grace Eimerbrink. 

Whether or not you like real or fake trees, the perfect tree is one you decorate with your family. 

 Senior Mackenzie Unger said, “ The perfect Christmas tree has ornaments throughout the years showing the growth within the family.”