A Grinch’s guide to gift giving

Grace Strayer, Editor-in-Chief of On The Prowl

Holiday season holds many exciting moments. Traditions, family and the spirit of giving marks this special time of year. But, when one struggles to find that perfect gift, the season can take a turn for the worst. Don’t get your tinsel in a twist this year, and use this guide to find the ultimate gift. 

Step 1: Know your audience. When shopping for that special someone, keep in mind their likes and dislikes. It doesn’t make sense to give a vegan a gift card to Buffalo Wild Wings. It’s best to think about your recipient on a personal level. Is there something that the two of you have experienced or joked about? Using this as fuel helps to add a personal touch, meaning it’s unique to your situation. 

Step 2: Know your budget. As high schoolers, balling on a budget is key. This season, don’t spread your funds too thin; keep in mind that you are likely buying gifts for more than one person. In setting a price range for the gift, you are able to narrow your options down. 

Step 3: Be creative. That piece of jewelry that everyone wants this year is likely to not surprise your friend. Think outside the box, and stay away from the latest trends or fads. While purchasing what’s popular might seem like a good idea, in the end everyone else will have the same exact thing. 

In addition to this, nothing is better than something home-made. It doesn’t need to be a craft like you made for your parents in elementary school, but something that you put together that doesn’t come straight out of the packaging. 

Step 4: Have a backup plan. When under pressure, procrastination comes easily. Don’t wait, I repeat, don’t wait until the last minute to find your gift. Nothing stinks more than having the perfect idea, but not being able to execute it. In case of this, have a backup plan. Whether that is trying a different store, or having a plan b for the gift itself, anything works.  

Step 5: Have fun! The most wonderful time of the year only occurs once. So, slow down and enjoy the hunt. Keep in mind that no matter the gift, the true spirit of the season does not lie within presents.