What Masks Are People Wearing?

Jadeyn Higgins, Editor

Entering school, masks are just as common as backpacks. They are all different sizes, shapes, and designs. Some common masks include face shields, gaiters, cloth masks and surgical masks. 

Face shields are typically worn by teachers. The clear shield allows students to see the teacher’s facial expressions and see what they are saying. This is very helpful in classes where facial expressions and lip-reading are essential in learning. In classes such as foreign language, chorus or gym these clear shields help guide instruction.

Another common mask is a gaiter. These masks go around your neck and are supported and held up by the back of your head. This mask is a good alternative to masks that go around ears if they irritate them. 

“Gaiters are the masks I wear on a daily basis. My ears get very irritated by the normal cloth masks, but gaiters prevent that,” said sophomore Zach Osman.

Surgical masks, or disposable masks, are one of the many masks that go around your ears. These masks are sold at many common stores like Walmart or Target. They are intended for a one time use, but many people re-wear them. Students and teachers often wear them because they are easy to get, and they come in large packs. There are also many other variations that are similar to these masks such as the N95 mask. 

Out of all these masks, the most common mask is cloth masks. They can be bought at any store such as Dicks Sporting Goods, Kohles and Old Navy. Cloth masks come in many different styles, colors, and sizes. These masks can also come with adjustable straps, which improve the comfort level. Cloth masks also typically come in two different styles. They usually come as a mask that is fitted to your face, or with ridges sewn into them to allow more flexibility. 

“I usually wear cloth masks,” said sophomore Bella Chimienti. ”These masks are very affordable and really comfortable. They aren’t too tight, and they aren’t too lose. I like wearing these masks because they come in many different colors. I’m all about colorful, fun designs and cloth masks always incorporate these with max comfort. The straps are made of a soft material that doesn’t irritate my skin.” 

Masks are a very important thing during this pandemic, and each mask is fit for specific needs. But, no matter what mask you prefer you should always wear it in public or when you are in a large group for the health of everyone.

Many different masks are worn daily, but they all have one goal: to keep everyone healthy. Bella Chimienti (top left), MaKenna Conway (bottom left), Clarissa Davis (top right) Ulonnam Ukattah (bottom right.)
Photo by: Jadeyn Higgins