Over 200,000 lives lost

The media puts a spotlight on remembering those who lost their lives to the Coronavirus. Without realizing that not only have teachers, doctors, and politicians, died, but that the majority of these deaths are ordinary people that have lived their lives to the fullest.


Madalynn Spyker, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Taking a look back in the past few months of 2020, the deaths due to the Coronavirus have been adding up quickly. Some thousands of individuals that have died are not mentioned in the well-known media sites, even though they are devastating and heartbreaking to families. They deserve recognition and praise for their accomplishments too.

Dar’Yana Dyson, a 15-year-old was one of the youngest to die in Maryland and across the country due to COVID-19. She was known as a forgiving, caring girl that dreamed of becoming a cosmetologist.  Being the oldest of four children, her silly and prankster side left an influence on her closely bonded younger siblings. 

Knight, holding a picture of her daughter is approaching the vigil in honor of her death at the O’Donnell Heights housing project. Photo by Amy Davis.

According to her mother, Kandice Knight, “You could make her mad and she would see the good in you.”

The doctors at John Hopkins Hospital don’t have any idea why she had died at such a young age even though she was healthy. As stated by The Washington Post, Dyson’s symptoms had started a week before her death. A slight stomach ache turned into a high fever and she was then taken to the hospital on May 11. Then, a few days later her breathing became dangerously heavy. On May 16, she had died after trying to regain a normal breathing pattern.

“No parent expects to bury their child,” Knight said. “You expect them to bury you.”

Many other loved ones passed away; Wogene Debele, a 43-year-old mother of four, passed away on April 21. Just before in May, her newborn son was stripped from her arms and was taken to the NICU, since she had symptoms of COVID-19. To add, Douglas Hickok, a New Jersey Army National Guard captain, was the first service member to die of COVID-19. 

During this time, it is important to remember that everyone is going through something difficult. Those who have lost loved ones to COVID-19 should all have a place in our hearts.