What your favorite “Folklore” song says about you

Anna Lumsargis, Editor-in-Chief of On The Prowl

Just last month, Taylor Swift dropped a surprise album titled “Folklore.” Not only was it written during the first few months of quarantine, but it’s an indie album which strays from Taylor’s usual pop sound. Now that we have had two months to listen to the songs, here’s what your favorite track says about you.

The 1– You’re in a fresh state-of-mind. You are going into this year hoping for the best regardless of everything going on. You are usually pretty chill to hang out with and everyone enjoys your company. 

Cardigan– You cannot wait for fall. This song reminds you of the coziness of the cold and gives you a melancholy feeling. You’re really kind to whomever you meet, and are usually regarded as the mom in your friend group.

The Last Great American Dynasty-  You are the life of the party. You’re always unapologetically yourself. You don’t care about the norm and do what makes you happy. You have a positive outlook on life and brighten everyone’s day. 

Exile- You’ve been through something that has made you a stronger person. You’re more mature than your peers and tend to keep to yourself. Everyone comes to you for advice. 

My Tears Ricochet– You’re doing your best to make it through another school year. You’re probably taking harder classes and just want to focus on school. You work really hard and it’s reflected in your work. 

Mirrorball- You are trying to fit in with the crowd and live a pretty ordinary life. However, you have big plans ahead of you after high school. You are going to be very successful: you just don’t know it yet. 

Seven- This song reminds you of being little, and you miss it. You can’t believe how the time has flown by. You also loved to swing when you were little. 

August- You were upset about something, but now you’ve gotten over it. You are moving forward and letting go. You also love dancing to the bridge of this song. 

This Is Me Trying-  You are super stressed right now. Maybe you have a big test coming up or maybe a big research paper. Take a deep breath, make some coffee and go get that A!

Illicit Affairs- You are in need of a good cry. It’s okay, everyone has to let it out sometimes. I’ll get the ice cream. 

Invisible String- You are happy and in a good headspace. For the first time in a while, you feel completely satisfied with your life. A weight lifted off your shoulder and you’ve never felt better. 

Mad Women– You are not afraid to share your opinion. You know what is important to you. Everyone knows you for being super confident. 

Epiphany- Someone you know was and continues to be a front-line worker in the pandemic, so this song hits close to home. 

Betty– You’ve watched one too many rom-coms and it shows. You’re always on the edge of your seat to see if the quirky girl will take back the jock. 

Peace– You care deeply about your family and friends. You’re the kind of person who would drop everything to help someone. 

Hoax– There’s someone that you can’t stop thinking about. This song helps vocalize what you’re feeling. You are also very quiet. 

Bonus Track: The Lakes- You just want to go away. School or COVID-19 might be stressing you out and you want to escape. You are somehow missing summer already.