Everything nice and all pumpkin spice

Madison Brenneman, Staff Writer

The photo above shows two of the fall popular drinks. (From left to right) The Starbucks pumpkin cold brew and the Dunkin’ iced pumpkin spice latte.
Photo by Madison Brenneman.

The time of year has come, where everything is nice and all pumpkin spice! Coffee chains are battling it out every year to see who will have the best pumpkin drink on the menu. Between Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks, everyone has their favorite pick, but is that stopping them from trying new drinks at both places? Dunkin’ has their list of pumpkin spice drinks, from a nice Pumpkin Spice Latte to a Pumpkin Iced Coffee, it’s all up to what the customer is looking for. Starbucks on the other hand, is pretty known for their pumpkin spice drinks including their famous cold brew and their lattes as well.

For customers that may be more focused on the prices of the drinks, Dunkin’ has the cheapest prices and the sizing is pretty generous, sticking with the small at 10 ounces, medium at 14 ounces, large at 20 ounces and extra large at 24 ounces. Starbucks also has four sizes: with them being a tall at 12 ounces, grande at 16 ounces, venti at 20 ounces and the trenta at 31 ounces. 

Coffee drinkers that prefer a more bitter or more sweet drink have that option at both popular places. Dunkin’s coffee tends to be less bitter compared to Starbucks coffee, but they both offer different ways of getting the coffee which provides the coffee fanatics with more of a choice and customization. The pumpkin at starbucks is more of a straight pumpkin flavor, as opposed to one at Dunkin’, which has a much sweeter taste. This makes it harder to know if it is sweetener or the pumpkin. Of course, at both of these chains customers are allowed to make changes to make it to their liking.

With the weather getting cooler out, hot drinks seem to be coming back. As for getting drinks with some bitterness or more sweetener, There is the choice to get it hot, cold or iced.  Even with the colder weather, those that may prefer an iced drink have the selection of light ice, regular ice or even more ice. 

Overall, both places offer some really great drinks and it would definitely be worth it to try from both chains. Waiting for the fall season to come around to get these special drinks is totally worth it. Go try one of these delicious pumpkin spice drinks while they last. Before you know it, they will be gone and swapped out with this year’s holiday drinks!