Families still trick-or-treating in a pandemic

Jazmine Parker, Staff Writer

Masks provide another stylish accessory for Halloween costumes.
Submitted photo.

COVID-19 has ruined many things in 2020, but it shouldn’t ruin Halloween. What if children incorporated masks into their awesome costumes? 

Dressing up in a costume is the main part of Halloween, wearing a mask is now a part of every costume too. 

Nine-year-old Jonas Doll said, “I love Halloween and eating a bunch of candy. Halloween just makes me happy.”

Children will have to wear masks, just as they do anytime they go out into public.

Masks would be the best source of protection from the germs traveling in the brisk night air October 31. Both parents and children should be protecting themselves and anyone they come in contact with. 

Siblings Jonas and Joa Doll ages 11-years-old and 9-years-old are two bright and bubbly kids excited for Halloween. They are looking forward to candy and trick or treating. They both will be wearing masks due to COVID-19.

Christian and Rees Ludwig are brothers looking forward to Halloween. As a parent of two Ludwig boys, Connie Ogle stated, “I do not think COVID is a huge deal for younger people, but we need to wear masks to be mindful of older and more vulnerable people.”

Elderly and vulnerable people are at higher risk of getting Coronavirus due to many health reasons. The elderly and vulnerable have a bigger chance of acquiring this virus because of pre-existing conditions such as heart disease, chronic lung disease and diabetes. 

These are just some of the many reasons why everyone should be protecting themselves. By doing so, they also protect those around them.

“Protecting those in our surroundings is the main reason why my sons will wear a mask,” said Ogle. 

The dreams of children are able to be lived out on the last night of October during the fall season. 

“I love Halloween because I get to dress up in cool costumes and go around and get lots of candy to stuff my face with,” said Jonas Doll.

Children spend many hours of their time trying to come up with the perfect costume. Having an amazing costume gives many kids a chance to be confident and enjoy themselves. Drawing attention to their costume gives children joy and happiness. 

Jonas Doll is so excited to dress up that he even has two costumes. He will become a crash test dummy with a warning sign during the day, and he is going to wear a scary purge mask at night. The inspiration for his purge mask comes from the dystopian action horror film, “The Purge.”

Joa Doll stated that she is wearing her favorite costume yet, “I am going to be a hippie flower girl from the 70’s.”

The Doll siblings love Halloween so much, maybe even more than other children. 

“My favorite part of Halloween is getting candy and hanging out with my friends Ellie and Ava,” said Joa Doll.

Christian Ludwig a 13-year-old, and Rees Ludwig, an 11-year-old are experiencing two different versions of Halloween this year. For the eldest Ludwig, this is his last year of trick or treating and he wants to make sure this Halloween is the best one.

“My two boys, Christian and Rees, love to wear cool costumes for Halloween. But they always have the hardest time picking out one. Although, most years they just become soccer players,” Ogle commented. 

However, for Ogle, her concern is making sure her boys return to some normalcy while still keeping others protected.

“I am allowing my children to go trick or treating because I would love for them to have a sense of normalcy in all this chaos,” Ogle stated.

Jonas Doll is going trick or treating in his neighboorhood. Staying at home is not an option for him or his sister Joa Doll.

Children should be able to experience Halloween even with COVID-19. Wearing a mask will be the greatest way to still be protected but also have fun on October 31. 

“Halloween is my favorite holiday by far, so I will do anything in order to trick or treat, especially wearing a mask that my parents tell me to wear,” expressed Jonas Doll. 

Despite COVID 19 forcing alternative plans on a daily basis, halloween will continue as scheduled as one of the most favorited holidays for children in America.