These frightening Halloween decorations will blow you away

Anna Lumsargis, Editor-in-Chief of On The Prowl

While driving around York County, there is an array of Halloween decorations. Pumpkins, spider webs, skeletons and the occasional blow-up ghost are common among the neighborhoods. But few have gone so extreme as senior Mackenna and sophomore Caitlyn Bookamyer’s family. 

At first glance, projections, tombstones, lanterns and skeletons line the yard. As you get closer you find that there are a number of different scenes and creepy creatures. 

View from the corner of the yard when approaching the house. Photo by Anna Lumsargis.

At the front of the house, you may notice “It” the clown peeking out behind a tombstone looking for his next victim. 

“It” from the classic Stephen King book guards the yard. Photo by Anna Lumsargis

You may also notice the chains hanging from a tree and a skeleton awaiting his fate in an electric chair. All the while, zombies crawl their way out of the ground.

Bloody chains hang from a tree. Photo by Anna Lumsargis.
Skeleton sits in an electric chair waiting for his doom. Photo by Anna Lumsargis.
Zombie rises from the dead. Photo by Anna Lumsargis.
A football playing zombie comes to life to play one last game. Photo by Anna Lumsargis.

Moving to the side yard, you will find a skeleton roasting marshmallows on a fire of bones, a skeleton scarecrow, a skeleton in a pillory, a skeleton trapped in a guillotine, the headless horseman on a skeleton horse and a creepy basement door.

Hungry skeleton roasts marshmallow. Photo by Anna Lumsargis.
Skeleton scarecrow hangs on a cross-like structure. Photo by Anna Lumsargis.
Skeleton hangs out in a colonial punishment device. Photo by Anna Lumsargis.
It’s off with this skeleton’s head. Photo by Anna Lumsargis.
Headless horsemen rides his skeleton horse. Photo by Anna Lumsargis.
A creepy basement door leads to the unknown. Photo by Anna Lumsargis.

With so much to look at, you don’t want to miss Cujo’s dog house with a truly horrifying skeleton situated in the tree behind it.

Murderous dog, Cujo from the 1983 movie, lives in this dog house. Photo by Anna Lumsargis.
A scary skeleton sits in a tree. Photo by Anna Lumsargis.

This decor isn’t all store-bought, the Bookamyer’s have also made a lot of their own decorations for their display. 

“Most of the gravestones, the coffins, Cugo’s house, and the big things such as the electric chair and guillotine are handmade. We also made the mausoleum and anything made out of foam,” said Mackenna.

Handmade foam pillars line the yard. Photo by Anna Lumsargis.
The giant mausoleum built by the Bookamyer family.Photo by Anna Lumsargis.
Dracula’s coffin with red spotlights in the background. Photo by Anna Lumsargis.

Another unique aspect of their display is the window projections. They have a rotation of different ghosts and creatures that look outside the windows. 

The big bad wolf looks out the window. Photo by Anna Lumsargis.
Ghosts dance around in the windows. Photo by Anna Lumsargis.

The closer you look, the more you notice. They have a headless zombie in their basketball hoop, a witch on their porch and even little lanterns that give the illusion of fire. 

Skeleton uses the head of a zombie as a basketball. Photo by Anna Lumsargis.
A witch having a conversation with an old pirate friend. Photo by Anna Lumsargis.
Lantern gives off an orange glow and mimics fire. Photo by Anna Lumsargis

The Bookamyers keep the spirit going inside their house where they have a giant talking picture frame and a séance in their dining room. 

A ghost screams through a painting on the wall. Photo by Anna Lumsargis.
The old painting doesn’t look quite right. Photo by Anna Lumsargis.
A woman tells the future in the dining room. Photo by Anna Lumsargis.

When asked about how this display came about, Mackenna said, “We’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember. As more time goes by we get more stuff. My mom and I are more eccentric people and love scary movies, and my dad loves to make new things. We also see how much other people enjoy it so it became something we could do together as a family.”  

If you want to check out their impressive display, on Oct. 30 they are planning on having a backyard walkthrough with even more decorations.