Divination Within: Downtown York’s very own shaman

Mallory Kurnik, Staff Writer

In need of understanding or guidance? Look no further.
During my journey downtown, I met not only an urban artist, but an energy healer, Reiki master and modern-day Shaman. From about six years old, Liette Monic has been able to communicate with spirits, and has gone further to not only channel her readings, but become a Certified Master Tarot Reader along with many other titles.
“You are living in a higher frequency than those around you,” Monic told me when we met.
I visited her at First Friday on Oct. 2, where I sat down with her for a channeled tarot card reading. Monic held my hands briefly and then prompted me to pick the deck of cards that called to me to use for my reading. Tarot card readings look into your life in the present, and predict your fortune for the future. Monic is able to help you answer questions about anything from relationships and money to your health or family. I brought my mother and one of my friends with me to see how she would handle each of our readings differently.
Monic knew specifics about people, events and spirits that were with us without us having to give her any initial information. With the knowledge you gain from your reading, you can change your future for better or worse by the decisions you decide to make.
“Nothing is set in stone,” Monic said.
Monic also does ‘Energy Reading Portraits’ that typically take about an hour, where she sits down with you and paints the feelings she gets from one’s energy. She has an entire portfolio of the paintings she’s done for people, and mentioned that it makes many of the people cry when they see their final product.
“I like to hang my artwork at angles. I hate the straightness,” Monic said.
Monic typically doesn’t keep her art, instead she gives it to those who she painted it ‘of’, but when she does, she displays them without consistency. None of her pieces resemble each other, making them very personal to her as well as the person she paints it for.
If you are looking for enlightenment or a boost on your spiritual journey, I would highly suggest making an appointment with Liette Monic or someone with similar practices. Even though some people don’t believe in reading energy, this may change your perspective. Now is a perfect time to get in touch with yourself, in the middle of this COVID-19 mess. So go out and do it! Get inspired!

Liette Monic’s tarot card reading corner in her studio, located on the second floor of The Parliament on 116 E King St, York, PA 17401.
Photo by Mallory Kurnik.