Sam Smith’s new album “Love Goes” is soulful and sentimental

Sam Smith, a 28-year-old British soul singer, releases another beautiful album yet again.


Madalynn Spyker, Co-Editor-In-Chief

The album cover photo of Sam Smith’s album, “Love Goes.” Photo by The Guardian.

Smith has won a total of four Grammys in his music career. His previous release, “The Thrill Of It All,” reached No.1 on The Billboard 200 on Nov. 11, 2017, and is still currently on that chart. 

Smith released “Love Goes” on Oct. 30, which was originally going to be released six months ago and named To Die For, but COVID-19 made it impossible. His other two studio albums had expressed sad emotions of heartbreak, but Smith said, it is his “first proper heartbreak album.” 

When interviewing with Zane Lowe (host of his show with Apple Music) on Oct. 26, he explained the story behind his new album: “[this is] the first proper time I’ve been actually heartbroken. That feeling of they’re gone, you can’t sleep, the really, really bad feeling.” “Love Goes” expresses the feeling of longing, loneliness and regret. 

“My Oasis,” a song from the new album featuring Burna Boy, portrays Smith battling with an unpredictable lover. 

“You’re playing tricks on me in the sun/ See your shadow in the courtyard/ Stays until the day is done…” The idea that Smith feels he’s being played with shows he struggled to let that person go because he felt he needed him in his life. 

Also, “Breaking Hearts,” shows how Smith is mourning his past relationship. The soul hymn is beautifully sung with melancholy. 

“While you were busy breaking hearts/I was busy breaking,” Smith sang during the chorus. 

The album’s title song, “Love Goes” (also written by Labrinth), starts out with a lonesome keyboard playing simple and softly. Lyrics in the song represent how a breakup could feel before it gets too serious. 

“Just know I own a place for you always/ ‘Cause that’s how love goes,” Smith sang nearing the end of the song. 

Some could say that Smith always has generally the same type of mood in his albums, but this one is luxurious, softer, and came from his heart and true feelings. The album hits all the sides of relationships ending in a breakup. It goes through feeling hurt, finding yourself again, letting someone go and moving on.“Love Goes” is one of Smith’s best albums yet.