Birdy returns with a new EP: “Piano Sketches”


Madalynn Spyker, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Jasmine Lucilla Elizabeth Jennifer van den Bogaerde, otherwise known as Birdy is a singer and songwriter. Despite the singer’s young age, 24-years-old, she gives off the impression that she’s an old soul, her maturity shines through her voice in every one of her songs. 

“She won the best International Rock/Pop Artist award, at the Echo Awards 2014 in Berlin Germany, in March 2014. She was nominated for the Brit awards In the British female solo artist category in 2014,” according to The Famous People. 

“Skinny Love,” the most listened to cover song of Birdy’s, on Spotify, and can be described as exquisitely beautiful. The song was originally made by Justin Vernon, an American musician (a member of the band Bon Iver) and songwriter. 

Taking a deeper look into the meaning behind the lyrics it replenishes the feelings of a loss of love and regret. 

The song goes through the emotions of how a relationship can turn sour without an explanation: “Come on, skinny love, what happened here?” 

Birdy’s album cover for “Piano Sketches,” is a soft sketch of herself.
Photo by Atlantic Records UK.

“And I told you to be patient/And I told you to be fine/And I told you to be balanced/And I told you to be kind/ And now all your love is wasted…,” is part of the chorus and portrays how the love was wasted. 

As for Birdy’s new EP (extended play), “Piano Sketches,” fully released on Nov. 6, is a beautiful representation of the artist’s natural soothing voice. In all of the four tracks on the EP, Birdy’s voice shimmers and flows easily with the piano playing along.

 The first track that was released in September, “Open Your Heart,” is a craft Birdy has been mastering since the age of 8. 

“I feel so lost sometimes, trying to read between the lines,” she sings in the opening line. “I’m waiting here for you, giving it all, trying to get through.” Birdy’s emotions are poured out into the start of the chorus. “But I’ll never know, never find who you are/ If you don’t open your heart to me.”

Her voice is fragile but still breaks through with power. Fans are very pleased with her new release and are anxious for a new release hopefully next year.