Gal Gadot’s take on playing Wonder Woman

Jenna McNamara, Staff Writer

On December 25, 2020, the Wonder Woman sequel, Wonder Women 1984, was finally 


In the year 1984, Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman, is faced with the 

the challenge of defeating two villains. At first, Barbara, also known as Cheetah, seems like a normal woman. When the Dreamstone comes into her possession at the museum she works at, she wishes to be like Diana. Later on, she decides she doesn’t want to be like anyone else; she wants to be an “apex predator”. This causes Barbara to become dangerous and out of control. Max Lord, the second villain, a struggling businessman, realizes the powers of the Dreamstone and wishes to become the Dreamstone. He uses his new powers to control everything in his life and become powerful and successful. However, it comes with a toll. Diana herself uses the Dreamstone for her own wish, not thinking it would come true. This brings Steve Trevor, who previously died in the last movie, back to life. 

Gal Gadot, the actress who plays Wonder Woman, was faced with the challenge of 

playing a character living in the ’80s. Born in 1985, she is not old enough to remember what the ’80s were like. So, how did Gadot pull it off?

“It was super easy ’cause we wanted to make a movie that, if you went to the theaters 

back in the ’80s, our movie would be right there and super relevant. So, whether or not I was born there, it doesn’t matter because I was there. I experienced the era with my character while shooting, while filming the movie.” said Gadot.

Gadot remarked that between the character and the set, it felt very real to her. It wasn’t 

really a challenge to pretend she was actually living in the ’80s. 

There were many new additions to the second Wonder Woman and not just new 

characters. In Wonder Women 1984, Wonder Woman upgrades from her traditional costume into the “golden armor”.

“It was amazing. When I first saw that we’re gonna – the sketch of the golden armor, I 

was like, ‘Holy, wow. I’m gonna be able to wear it? Woo.’ I mean, whenever does women get to wear those extreme, extravagant costumes? At the same time, I gotta say, it wasn’t the most comfortable costume one could wear, but it was worth it.” said Gadot.

Gadot expressed her excitement for Wonder Women and wearing a new costume. She thought the armor looked amazing, the only downfall being the comfort level. She expressed how uncomfortable the armor was, and that it was very difficult to shoot in. Although Gadot has the marvelous privilege of wearing all these extravagant costumes, it’s become normal to look in the mirror and see Wonder Woman looking back at her. 

“But then, the moment when I least expect it, and I just walk and I see a reflection of 

mine with the wig and with the costume, and then I’m like, ‘Oh, wow, it’s me.’ So, sometimes, it gets surreal. But, I’ve worn it for so many times now that I kind of got used to it.” said Gadot.

Every once and a while she is caught off guard and just can’t believe it, 

but she has mostly grown accustomed to it. However, costumes aren’t the only thing new for Gadot. In Wonder Woman 1984, Gadot got to act alongside the well known actress and comedian, Kristen Wiig. 

“Honestly, I was a big fan of hers before. ‘Bridesmaids’ is my best, favorite comedy of all 

time, and I also told her that before we even cast her for the movie. I saw her in an event and just went to her, and was like, ‘I’m such a big fan of yours.’ And then, we got her to do the movie with us, because yes, we wanted to be friends with Kristen Wiig. No, but she nailed it. She’s so talented. She’s the sweetest person to work – that one could ever ask to work with. She’s fun, and funny, and open, and she’s so supportive and loving. She’s such a professional, and she’s so talented, and I think that she’s done an amazing job with the role of Cheetah.” said Gadot.

Gadot expresses her admiration of Wiig as a person and as an actress. She admits she is a 

fan of hers, and getting to work with her on a movie was amazing. Although Gadot wears all these amazing costumes and works with people she has now become close to, that’s not the best part about playing Wonder Women. 

“Wow there’s so many good parts to it, first of all, I get to portray a character that I love 

her and I believe for in everything that she stands for then I get to do it with people that I absolutely adore and love with Patty Jenkins and we’re with our amazing cast and crew that we shot the two movies with it’s just a gift. Then to be the symbol to be the one to get to be the vessel for this character and be the symbol for all of the fans and getting all the love and the support that they have and share for this character is is amazing I’m forever grateful for that.” said Gadot. 

Gadot expresses the best part of portraying Wonder Women is to represent such an 

inspirational character. Gadot touches on how she loves to play a character that has the same morals, and she agrees with everything she stands for as Wonder Woman.

On December 15th, 2020, Gal Gadot posted a video to her Instagram page of herself and her co-star, Kristen Wiig. The video was of Gal Gadot and Costar Kristen Wiig goofing around and making a video of a song and dance they created on Wonder Woman’s set.
Photo from Jacob Stolworthy.