Where are all the Thanksgiving movies?


“A Charlie brown Thanksgiving” is one of the few Thanksgiving movies. CBS

Cecilia Carrero, Co-Editor-in-Chief

There are plenty of Christmas movies out there. But where are the Thanksgiving movies? When Halloween is over it is November which is the month of Thanksgiving, but there are no Thanksgiving movies. So the only movies there are to watch are Christmas movies. 

Now there are movies and Tv shows that have Thanksgiving in them but they do not revolve around Thanksgiving. Not like they do for Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s day. For example “Holidate”, which came out in 2020. It covers all the holidays. Some Christmas movies start off with Thanksgiving then go into Christmas. 

So how come Thanksgiving isn’t as popular. 

 “For one thing, it might not have the same positive spin on it that Christmas can conjure up. While the purpose of many Christmas-set films are to set aside differences, and work towards peace, or to turn from greedy misers into generous givers, the good will that stems from Thanksgiving is difficult to present on film,” said Casey Cipriani a writer for Bustle, an entertainment site.

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks, but how can “giving thanks” make up an entire movie. A movie needs a beginning, middle and an end. Making a movie about Thanksgiving is very hard. 

 “Thanksgiving time comes between a very small window between Halloween and Christmas where the  probability of breaking even is very small,”she said. 

Since the time frame is really small, filmmakers are worried that it might not make its money back. Christmas is celebrated all over the world, but Thanksgiving is not so the movies will not be watched all over the world like Christmas movies are. 

Everyone loves their fair share of Christmas movies. But what about Thanksgiving?