Dead petals band

Jake Rahilly, Staff Writer

It’s not every day that a band is formed in school; however, a band involving a teacher is almost unheard of.  A group of students in Central York High School (CYHS) did just that and formed the band known as “Dead Petals.”

Members, Daniel Shepard (bass guitarist), Cooper Shellengerger (lead guitarist), Brandon Whitcomb (Rhythm guitar player), Brae Bixler (Singer) and Central’s very own teacher, mentor and drummer Wes Ward. 

Do you want to be in the band with us, and I said let’s do it,

— Ward

Ward says he had been the teacher of the students for two years, adding that he and the other students had been in his English class where they shared common interests leading them to both be fond of the same music. This led to the idea of Shellenberger and Shepard to bring Ward into the band.

“Do you want to be in the band with us, and I said let’s do it,” said Ward. Stating that he will be their “back beat” and provide support while the group works together to perfect their music and techniques.

“He feels like a member of the band more than a mentor,” says Shepard, speaking to his appreciation for having Ward as a mentor and band member.

When asked what their plan is, Sheppard says they’re making rock music and planning to record a few tracks and put some time in the recording studio

“We’ve got a good idea down on what we’re doing,” said Shepard 

Ward explains that he has not played in a band in 20 years and that he was involved in various bands from time to time.

“I played in high school… playing in local birthday parties, one of the biggest things I did was with one of the bands I was renting out one of the auditoriums over at Dover high school,” said Ward. He says that the benefit of renting out the auditorium for that particular show was to benefit an athletic booster club.

To Shepard and the other members of the band, they see Ward as an advisor and will point them in the direction of being successful. Ward says he educates them from time to time on who to look up to when following a career.
“When listening to these guys tinker on the guitar and hearing a couple of their riffs, they’re decent,” Ward says. Adding that they have tossed around the word of personally recording some drummer tracks to provide them for the other members so they can have a drummer for any potential tracks.

“My hope for them is that I can get them going,” he said.