Opinions on Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Central Yorks take on ugly Christmas Sweaters

Photo By Erin Walker

Central York’s take on ugly Christmas Sweaters

Clayton Cox, Editor

During the festive season, ugly Christmas sweaters are worn as a tradition. At Central York High school a teacher, Erin Walker, and student, Danny Pham, have opinions about them.

Ugly Christmas sweaters can be viewed as nice, festive items for the holidays. They can provide an opportunity to encourage Christmas cheer within families or at parties. Pham, a junior and secretary for the student council at CYHS,  believes that ugly Christmas sweaters provide a great Christmas spirit and greatly enjoy them.

“I think they are cool, and there are varieties of ugly Christmas sweaters, so you can always find one that represents you and makes you happy,” Pham commented.

Walker, the advisor for the student council at Central York High School, when asked about her thoughts on ugly Christmas sweaters, she said, “I love Christmas and I love ugly sweaters. I think they are a cute way to show something fun that’s different from Santa or a snowman. That’s not flattering to anyone.” 

Something that makes Walker enjoy ugly Christmas sweaters is the design of the sweaters. Out of the many designs for sweaters, like having things hang off them or having multiple different textures on the sweater, Walker likes them all. However, she loves the sweaters that light up. As Christmas started to come around Walker wanted to do something with the idea of a sweater with CYHS since she enjoyed the spirit that they bring.

“It seemed like a really cool way to get the district into something. How do you say on a T-shirt ‘Merry Christmas Central York School District’ like you can’t do that. But for [the ugly sweater spirit day], it was good for everybody from elementary, to high school and staff,” Walker explained.

Ugly Christmas sweaters are enjoyed here at CYHS but the school spirit and festiveness of the ugly Christmas sweater are enjoyed more.