Most searched of 2021

The top ten most searched queries on Google within the last year.

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The top ten most searched queries on Google within the last year.

Jayden Burnside, Editor

Every day, millions of people log onto the internet and search many keywords on Google. Many of the keywords can be ranked in different categories to find out what was most searched in each category. Let’s look at the most searched terms of 2021.

Technology: One of the biggest talks of the 2021 year has been technology, as students across the world have been remote for certain portions of the year. The highest searched item is the Apple Airpods, followed by many different types of speakers and electronics. In fourth, surprisingly, was the Ring Video Doorbell.

“I know Ring is a big thing, but I didn’t expect it was that popular,” said senior Simon Fuller.

Sports: With sports being back in season, many analytics show unsurprisingly that football was the most searched sport. Cricket and basketball were close seconds.

Music: Many hit singles have been released such as “Save Your Tears” by the Weeknd or “Bad Habits” by Ed Sheeran. However, Olivia Rodrigo’s “Driver’s License” and “Good 4 U” took the top two spots.

“It wasn’t surprising, she was super popular this year,” said junior Kurtis Zhang.

Most Searched: Above all else, the top search queries seem to be much broader. Sites like Amazon and Walmart have made the top ten and Google itself was also a popular keyword. While YouTube was the second most searched keyword, it trailed the most searched word by only three million searches. The most searched keyword of 2021, with roughly 163,200,000 within the past year, is Facebook (Meta). Its 2.89 billion users solidify its position as the most searched query of 2021. Looking back on the year, it seems that media and shopping have been on the minds of many all across the globe.