Sentimental, not monetary

Novalea Verno, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The holiday season is one spent spreading cheer and lending a helping hand in the name of the Christmas spirit. Yet this season is also synonymous with stress and anxiety. The search for a perfect gift to accurately sum up all your feelings towards a special person can add gloom to your season and to your wallet. This year, instead of stressing out over finding a gift that fits your budget try picking out a gift that puts an emphasis on sentimental value.

Instead of shopping for an item that will get lost in their closet come spring, shop for an experience. Plan a nice evening out to see their favorite band or a movie they’ve been excited about. Take a trip to their favorite place and fill the day with their favorite activities. The memories you make together are far more valuable than anything you can find on a shelf.

If going out to the gift-receivers favorite places to shop for a perfect item intimidates you, try purchasing a gift card. Gift cards allow for the individual to actually buy what they want. They are also an affordable alternative.

“Gift cards are [an] amazing [gift idea],” said senior Joshua Sloat.

If spending money isn’t an option for you, then try a different route. Writing a meaningful letter to someone can be just as great as an expensive gift. Writing from the heart to someone you care about encaptures the true meaning of the season- to spread love, hope and joy.

“{Letters} are really nice and thoughtful. It’s a great thing to do for someone you really care about,” said senior Marc DiPiano.

If writing isn’t your strong suit, try capturing your thoughts in a photo. Framing a photo is a timeless gift, whether the photo is funny or serious. The memories that are stirred upon looking at it are something money could never buy.

“It shows you care by taking the time to put a gift like that together,” said senior Keyon Sexton.

For the music lovers out there bring back an “oldie but a goodie” with a classic CD mixtape. Assemble together songs that encapture your feelings towards an individual or convey a sweet message.

The Christmas season can stress a lot of people out because of the pressure to find the perfect gift this year. To avoid the stress on you and your money, set out on finding a gift that has an emphasis on sentimental value instead of monetary.